• Collection OI 2017

  • Girly

    The most romantic and sweet side is represented in this theme, inspired by the classic style, the dresses and the patterns give it a sophisticated touch.
  • Me & Myself

    Since the girls are confident, cheerful, fun and believe in their own, we have created a collection that who will wear it will feel like a popstar or a movie star. The glows and golds predominate.
  • Create Tomorrow

    Innovate, ask, prepare the future, seek knowledge, analyze ...

    These were the concepts chosen to create the theme inspired by the University students. We have developed a collection where chess and blue predominate.

  • Concept

    Energy, creativity, joy, imagination, authenticity and comfort are the words that best define the MDD brand.

    We aim to idealize quality clothing to be worn by children and young people from 1 to 16 years old, transmitting ideas, emotions and aspirations, whether the materials used, either in the design of each piece. With trusted partners and highly competent, we create, develop and produce children's clothing, 100% Portuguese. We favor the relationship with the community, respecting the environment, the Portuguese economy and optimization of culture, welfare and sustainability.

    Our mission is to be a reference company, a leader in children's fashion distribution in continuous growth at the national level, distinguishing us for the quality of our products, the excellence of service and the overall customer satisfaction.

    We launched new developments that become trend among children and young people by designing differentiated parts that reflect style and personality, but always combining quality and comfort.

  • História da MDD

    1980 – MDDomingues was founded in 1980. Starting its activity as a small family business linked to the wholesale marketing of various multi-brand apparel products.

    Identifying a growing demand in the domestic market of children's clothing and high "know-how" acquired over decades of work developed in the textile area, M.D.Domingues creates a new concept based on quality, accessibility and design.

    1997 - MDDomingues has its "launch" with the creation of MDD brand. exclusive focus on the development of sportswear clothing lines, jeanswear and accessories for child 100% created and produced in Portugal.



    Developed in Portugal

    2008 – Opening the first store with MDD Kids Store concept in Castelo Branco;

    2011 – Opening the second store with MDD Kids Store concept in Forum Sintra;

    2012 – Starts with international sales to countries such as Angola. Switzerland and Ireland;

    2014 – Opening of the third and fourth store in the shopping center Alegro Alfragide and Campo Pequeno - Lisbon;

    2017 – Shopping center Alegro Alfragide's store and Campo Pequeno's store shutdown. Online store concept (NOV 2017);